BoldLeads for Building a Seller Pipeline Fast

Start Building Your Seller Listings Today!

Provider: Bold Leads
Format: Service
Delivery : Electronic product. No shipping charges.

Talk to more sellers & start listing more homes.

More leads for less money. It’s a science, and we’ve got the formulas. Fully automated follow-up, CMAs, texts and emails that spark conversations. We’ll handle everything for you. Just focus on setting appointments.

Build up a seller pipeline fast, and automate the follow-up.

Talk to people about their selling goals and follow up according to their specific objectives.

How does it work?
1. Drive Traffic
Our training will teach you how to drive traffic to your BoldLeads site and generate the most amount of leads for the least amount of money.

2. Capture Leads
Our landing pages will turn your traffic into leads, and capture home addresses for every visitor.

3. Convert Conversations into Commissions
After a lead fills out a form, they’ll get an automatic text and email that appear to come from you personally. These messages are crafted to spark a conversation, so you can convert them into a listing.