CityBlast Social Networking for Lead Generation

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Provider: CityBlast
Format: Service
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You should be out there selling property. Instead, you’re slumped over your computer, trying to find an article or helpful piece of information to post to your Facebook page and Twitter feed… again.Wouldn’t it be great if someone else found those interesting articles and links for you? Maybe someone who is an expert in both real estate and social media? Someone who is a great communicator and can give your accounts that professional sizzle?

That’s what CityBlast’s social experts do. As often as you choose, the CityBlast service posts exciting lead generating content to your Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn accounts, so you don’t have to. The articles and links are engaging and informative, positioning you as an expert for your friends/followers, and creating lots of opportunities for you to start conversations with potential clients.

It’s like having your own team of social media experts working on your behalf. Except CityBlast’s social experts work for you for less than $2/day. Here’s how it works …

1. Select the city where you work and what kind of posts suit your style best.

CityBlast’s social experts do the rest – planning your marketing, sourcing articles and videos, and posting them to your accounts. As often as you choose, they will post articles, videos and information.

2. Select how often your social expert will post to your account(s).
Following your instructions, they’ll consistently post updates to your Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn accounts to make sure you look professional and up to date.
3. Manage your leads and measure success using the CityBlast dashboard.
With your powerful, professional presence, you’ll see an increase in new leads through your social media accounts. You just follow up with new leads as they come in and generate more new business.
The CityBlast service costs less than $2 per day – just $59.99 per month – and there are no activation fees. Get started right away!/span>