We are truly unique in the world of real estate coaching

Leader’s Edge Training has helped thousands of real estate agents reach their full potential, earn more money, and have better balance in their lives.

Leader’s Edge Consulting combines proven strategies with expert personal coaches who work with you to take your business to the next level.

  • Sell More Properties, Keep More Money

    Whether you’re starting from the bottom, have hit a plateau, or are rising to the top of the business, coaching can help you increase your production.

  • Answers to Every Real Estate Challenge

    Real estate is a complicated business and it helps to have immediate answers to your situation-specific questions.

  • Cut Through the Chaos

    Bringing predictability and stability to your business is easier with the right advice, systems, and support.

  • Encouragement to be Your Best

    We can all use a cheerleader in our corner to hold us accountable, share our successes, and motivate us to be our best selves.


There’s more than one path to success

Everyone has different capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. With one-on-one consulting, we dig deep to understand you before you meet your coach, leading to a custom-tailored plan of action that fits your needs.

Our unique, industry-leading assessment process provides deep insights about you and your business before your first coaching session even starts. You hit the ground running and see faster results.

1. Online Assessments

We partner with an international research company to uncover what makes you tick. Using three assessments, we explore your personal drivers, sales approach, and real estate skill set. The results give your coach deep insights into your needs, leading to a customized approach.

2. Your Personal Profile

After completing the three assessments, our Intake Coordinator guides you through your results in a one-on-one interview. You receive an extensive written report of your profile with insights that you can use right away, and we make sure you are ready for coaching.

3. Your Commitment

Other real estate coaching companies require a one-year contract. We are so confident you'll quickly see results that we only require a six­-month commitment, after which you can continue on a month-to-month basis.

4. Video Conference Sessions

Once you get started, you regularly meet with your personal coach using the latest video conference technology. We don’t just hear what you tell us, we see it, creating a stronger bond between you and your coach. You have your consultant’s undivided attention.


Clients and consultants are matched for the best fit

Not just anyone can be a Leader’s Edge consultant. Each one is a carefully chosen expert who has spent at least 15 years working in the business of real estate.

Rather than following a one-size-fits-all coaching book, your personal consultant brings their knowledge and skills to helping in the way that works for you.


State-of-the-art tools to skyrocket your business

All consulting clients get cutting ­edge technology to help you plan, track, and grow your business. It’s the perfect balance of high tech and ease of use.

Plus all one-on-one coaching sessions take place via video conference, so you’re guaranteed personal and focused attention. We keep you on the leading edge.

Weekly Live Webcasts

Start your week with Coffee with Chris

Chris Leader, Master Trainer, is with you every Monday morning 10am Eastern to cover current real estate topics and offer valuable advice.

You have direct email access to Chris any time throughout the week with questions, for expert advice within one business day.

Leader's Edge Virtual Training

24/7 online access to self-directed learning

We give you around the clock access to the best real estate sales videos available to provide the answers you need, when you need them.

With over 16 hours of videos and printable scripts, tips, and plans covering every aspect of the business, Chris Leader addresses the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of day-to-day real estate.

LET$ TRACK Agent Success App

It is a fitness app for your business!

Real Data – This app helps you set realistic income goals based on your market and your performance, then monitors your activities to ensure that you stay on track.

Real Value – The app calculates your lead conversions, breaks down your commission income, tallies your list‐to‐sell ratios and gives you data you can actually use to prioritize activities!

Real Estate – Simply enter your daily activities (prospecting, appointments, contracts) to see your results and how close you are to reaching your goals. It is fun and easy to use.

Seller Listing Presentation

Top producers focus on listings

Fully Customizable – Covers your approach to selling your client’s property, information about you and your real estate company, the services you offer, and choosing the right price for their property (including an analysis of comparable properties).

Multiple Platforms – Versions included for PowerPoint and Keynote, usable on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad.

User Guides – Printable guides for how to customize your listing presentation.

Includes a BONUS Pre-Listing Package to prepare your potential clients for what to expect when selling their home.

Buyer Consultation Presentation

Commit to buyers who are committed to you

Fully Customizable – Covers the home buying process, the full range of services you bring as a real estate professional, and supplementary services available to your clients.

Multiple Platforms – Versions included for PowerPoint and Keynote, usable on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad.

User Guides – Printable guides for how to customize your listing presentation.

Includes a BONUS Buyer Services Package that’s ready to give out at open houses, at first time home buyer seminars, at wedding and home shows, etc.

Goal Setting Questionnaire

Shape your business by uncovering what drives you

The path to real success takes into account your personal goals and needs, not just your business aspirations. Sometimes we avoid asking ourselves the difficult questions about what drives us. This in-depth yet straight forward questionnaire challenges you to be honest with yourself about what you truly want out of life.

Business Planning Tool

A comprehensive road map for your business

Business & Personal Budget – to help you determine the yearly income you require for continually growing your business, covering all of your personal and living expenses, and putting money away for retirement.

Step-by-Step Plan – Determine what activities you need to do each day to achieve your income goal.

Performance Report – Monitor your progress, spot problems early and put fixes in place, so you can stay on track.

One-on-One Video Conferences

Focused attention from your coach

The non-verbal parts of communication are as critical to building trust and understanding between you and your personal coach as what you say, which is why all of your consulting sessions use easily accessible video conference technology. We don’t just hear what you tell us, we see it. You can be confident that you have your coach’s undivided attention.

Depending on the consulting service you choose, you have either two or four 30-45 minute personal consulting sessions per month. These sessions focus on your activities and production, challenges, strategies, and best practices to move your business forward, and negotiated activities to be completed before your next session.


Options for every aspiration and budget

Whether you’re looking for weekly motivation, need individual attention, or require highly specialized consulting, there’s a service made for you.

We combine advanced technology with personal attention to deliver the results you want at a price you can afford. High tech meets high touch.



Motivation & Productivity Tools
For those in need of a weekly pick-me-up, accountability, and access to high-quality tools for every area of their business.



Personal Advice & Mentorship
Two one-on-one sessions with your coach each month. Perfect for planning your business, focusing your work, and addressing day-to-day challenges.



Complex Strategy & Teams
Four one-on-one sessions with your coach each month. In-depth attention to shape your business. Particularly useful for team leaders.


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