Buyer Consultation Presentation

Showcase your services to demonstrate why buyers should commit to working with you.


Author: Leader’s Edge Training
Format: PowerPoint and Keynote
Delivery: Delivered via electronic file download.
Refunds/Returns: No refunds. All sales are final.

You do much more than search the MLS for properties. Many home buyers don’t have the first idea of all the services you provide. The Leader’s Edge Training Buyer Presentation helps you sell yourself, your company, and your services to potential buyers.

  • A fully customizable buyer presentation covering the home buying process, the full range of services you bring as a real estate professional, and supplementary services available to your clients.
  • Multiple versions of the presentation for PowerPoint and Keynote, usable on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or iPad.
  • Printable guide for how to customize your buyer presentation.
  • A BONUS customizable Buyer Services Package that’s ready to give out at open houses, at first time home buyer seminars, at wedding and home shows, etc.

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Demonstrate to buyers why they should commit to working with you.